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Many companies that do business in Spain / South America don't have expert linguists in house and have to outsource this skill to an independent translator. This is why it is so important to choose your language partner well. Not just only a person who is conversant in both languages, but a professional who is a specialist in your field. You can not afford to get it wrong, as often your company's literature is the first port of call for a potential client. It has to be presented in the right way, using the correct terminology for your sector.

At Spanish Language Services we have more than 25 years' experience in translation. We are experts in conveying your message having worked in a wide spectrum of industries such as automotive and aviation, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, medical as well as many others. We have produced training and instruction manuals, translated general correspondence, clinical studies, procedures, marketing materials/brochures and websites to name a few.

We also have considerable experience in other fields of translation, such as development agencies, international organisations, tourism, museums and the beauty industry.

Personal Translation

Are you thinking about getting married or have just got married in a Spanish speaking country? Or perhaps you're contemplating divorce? Let us help you to translate all your legal documents; from birth certificates to decree absolutes we have it covered!

We can also handle degree certificates, letters from GP's, hospital diagnosis, power of attorney and even death certificates.

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