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Praise for Noemi Rey

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Noemi and the Spanish Language

Noemi Rey has wide experience in teaching Spanish, both in groups and one-to-one.

Teaching Students at Hinchingbrooke school She is an expert in conveying a company's message having worked in a wide spectrum of industries. She has produced training and instruction manuals, translated general correspondence, clinical studies, procedures, marketing materials/brochures and websites.

Are you thinking about getting married or have just got married in a Spanish speaking country? Or perhaps you're contemplating divorce? Let us help you to translate all your legal documents; from birth certificates to decree absolutes we have it covered! She can also handle degree certificates, letters from GP's, hospital diagnosis, power of attorney and even death certificates.

Interpreting at business meetings and conferences, doesn't just require translating what's said to and from the Spanish, but also ensuring that your company is presented in the right way.

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